Reverse Heart Disease

Reverse Heart Disease – Naturally

Heart Disease is public enemy #1.  It is by far the leading cause of death, surpassing the combined total of the next five or six next leading causes of death.  Consequently, many people today are searching for information on how to reverse heart disease.  Today’s scientific experts in the Heart and Cardiovascular Health space tell us that it is now possible to Reverse Heart Disease.  And they tell us exactly how to do it.

reverse heart disease

Reverse Heart Disease with Nitric Oxide

The 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to three U.S. scientists for their research in cardiovascular health and the role that Nitric Oxide plays in maintaining health.

Dr. Louis Ignarro, 1998 Nobel Prize recipient, states:

We can reverse cardiovascular damage with Nitric Oxide

reverse heart diseaseWatch Dr. Louis Ignarro receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine…

Since the 1998 Nobel Prize, research in the space of Nitric Oxide and Cardiovascular Health has continued to expand.  Today, for example there are over 100,000 scientific publications listed on the government’s U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health website documenting Nitric Oxide research, and nearly as many publications specific to the role of L-arginine.

Research on how to Reverse Heart Disease points to the role of L-arginine

What is clear from the research includes the following:

  • Nitric Oxide is the molecule the body produces that protects the circulatory system and is essential to reverse heart disease
  • L-arginine is the only precursor the body can use to make Nitric Oxide
  • To produce Nitric Oxide ongoing requires a constant supply of L-arginine or an L-arginine complexer with L-citrulline where the L-citrulline recycles the L-arginine’s ability to repetitively produce Nitric Oxide

Reverse Heart Disease with Nutrition

L-arginine is an amino acid normally found in many foods including meat and vegetables.  The quantity of L-arginine considered useful by athletes and those seeking to reverse heart disease is generally considered to be in the range of 5 grams of elemental pharmaceutical grade l-arginine.  To produce the desired cardiovascular protection, a dietary supplement can be used that complexes the l-arginine with l-citrulline to enable the l-arginine to continually produce Nitric Oxide for up to 36 hours per serving, thus producing around-the-clock Nitric Oxide production throughout the body’s entire circulatory system.

Proari9 Plus L-arginine Complexer Dietary Supplement

Those seeking to reverse heart disease often come to the conclusion that they must increase their consumption of high quality L-arginine in order to help boost Nitric Oxide production in their body.  While there are many L-arginine products readily available on the market, we will save our readers valuable time with our recommendation.  The product, Proargi9 Plus, is a high-quality L-arginine complexer providing 5 grams (5,000 mg) of elemental pharmaceutical grade l-arginine per serving, and producing up to 36 hours of Nitric Oxide production per serving.

Watch the video to learn how the Proargi9 Plus L-arginine complexer works…

Learn more about Proargi9 Plus…

Validation that our recommendation is a good one, includes that this product comes with a full 120-day 100% Satisfaction Money-back Guarantee.  So any of our readers can try this product risk-free for 4 months.

L-arginine is the body’s only Precursor to make Nitric Oxide – required to Reverse Heart Disease

In the human body, there is one and only one pathway to produce Nitric Oxide.  On the inside surface lining the blood vessels of the circulatory system, the body converts L-arginine, a common amino acid, into Nitric Oxide.  There are no other mechanisms available to the body to produce Nitric Oxide.  L-arginine is the only means whereby the body can produce this critical molecule called Nitric Oxide which nourishes the entire heart and circulatory system.  Over a lifetime, the amount of Nitric Oxide produced by the body diminishes.  It is by producing sufficient quantities of Nitric Oxide that one can reverse heart disease.  Therefore, the science shows that our objective to reverse heart disease must be to substantially increase the amount of L-arginine consumed into the body to feed the circulatory system with the raw material it requires to generate ample supply of Nitric Oxide to adequately nourish the entire circulatory system with Nitric Oxide.

The task to reverse heart disease is big

The surface area of the inside lining of the blood vessels of the typical adult is approximately the size of two tennis courts.  To effectively reverse heart disease, by our understanding of the science, that entire surface are must become Nitric Oxide producing.  Without producing Nitric Oxide on that surface, cardiovascular disease will occur.  With producing Nitric Oxide on that surface, the circulatory health will maintain and improve.  Given the magnitude of the surface area, and the fact that as we age our production of Nitric Oxide tends to diminish, to reverse heart disease requires favorably improving the Nitric Oxide production equation in our body.  We must nourish our body with the raw material the body uses to manufacture Nitric Oxide, and that raw material is l-arginine.

L-arginine is a flash event normally

Once ingested into the body, L-arginine does not last long which renders normal supplies of L-arginine relatively minimal in its ability to reverse heart disease.  It produces Nitric Oxide only for a few seconds.  Then its usefulness becomes nil – unless there also happens to be L-citrulline available in the blood.  L-citrulline enables the L-arginine to recycle over and over again rendering it useful ongoing to continue to produce Nitric Oxide.  Therefore, not all L-arginine sources are equivalent for a strategy to reverse heart disease.

Because L-arginine normally has such a short useless life cycle, most l-arginine supplement products provide little value for helping the body reverse heart disease.  Furthermore, there are varying qualities of L-arginine material depending on source, preparation, and type.  For an effort to reverse heart disease, one should set out to secure the most favorable circumstances for success.

A remarkable high quality vegetable-based L-arginine complexer, with L-citrulline to render the L-arginine productive for generating Nitric Oxide for up to 36 hours, was developed by scientists collaborating to produce a product based on the Nobel Prize Winning research to provide the public with a means to leverage this remarkable science and improve their cardiovascular health and reverse heart disease.

Trying to reverse heart disease in some other way than what the scientists have determined is likely to not be very productive.  This website is dedicated to sharing the information from these scientists and sharing the resulting product that they developed.

The product, known as Proargi9 Plus, is so effective, it is sold with a 120-day 100% Satisfaction Money-back Guarantee.

Action is Required to Reverse Heart Disease

Please review the links on the right nav to browse information about Proargi9 and the research leading up to its development.  Also, we have Human Clinical Trial information with this product, with remarkable results that should offer any person seeking improvement in their heart and cardiovascular health hope that there is something they can do starting today to improve their heart health and cardiovascular health.  Something natural.  Something healthy.  Something guaranteed to produce desired results.  Results that can be measured with the standard medical biometric measurements their doctor can track with a blood pressure monitor and simple blood tests for cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


It takes years of consistent dietary and lifestyle abuse to arrive at poor health.  Reversing the effects of a lifetime of effort should begin immediately if one hopes to realize the benefits of reversing heart disease.  Health and nutrition are based on scientific principles.  Continuation of status quot means more of the same.  To reverse heart disease, one must change what is fed to the heart and circulatory system.

The one and only most important “Miracle Molecule” that must be feed to the circulatory system and heart to impose the change the scientists state will reverse heart disease, is Nitric Oxide.  The one and only way to accomplish that objective is with sufficient quantities of high quality L-arginine in a fashion that produces the Nitric Oxide around the clock.  There is one and only one product that this author is aware of which is made of sufficient quality L-arginine, is a complexer with L-citrulline, and is Natural and has other important healthful ingredients and which has a full 120-day 100% Satisfaction Money-back Guarantee.  If reversing heart disease is your objective, please review the science offered on this site and take the offer to try Proargi9 risk-free for 120 days.


We will also provide other helpful information on this site.  If this author knew of a more effective means or product to accomplish the task of reversing heart disease, that information would be here instead.  This author believes the information derived by Dr. Ignarro, Dr. Prendergast and other leading Cardiovascular Health researchers makes sense not only based on the logical argumentation of their research and teachings, but because this very information and product was used to personally achieve a reversal of significant cardiovascular health challenges the author faced.  It is offered to all readers interested to reverse heart disease to study the large and growing scientific library of L-arginine and Nitric Oxide research and determine for yourself whether it makes sense.  To reverse heart disease is a noble cause and should be pursued.  According to the statistics, those who do not strive to reverse heart disease are nearly 50% likely to become subject to the #1 Killer of our day.  To not choose to reverse heart disease is a decision to accept the likelihood of an untimely fate.  You can do better.  You should do better.  We invite you to do better.  Bless YOUR Heart TODAY!

reverse heart disease

More Information about how to Reverse Heart Disease:


reverse heart disease

Note: Information on this website is the opinion of the owner or those quoted, and is not approved by the FDA.  We do not claim you will receive the same specific benefit as that of any other person, nor do we claim cure or reversal of any specific health issue is possible for any specific person.  As with all supplemental or dietary changes, individuals should seek the counsel of their physician. Our recommended product comes with a manufacturer’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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