Learn How to Save Someone Who Has a Heart Attack

Heart Attack – What to Do When Someone Has One

Watch this very important video that shows step by step how to save someone who has a heart attack.

What to do FIRST when someone has a heart attack

heart attack

How to use the AED for someone with a heart attack

heart attack


Many people think they know what to do to help someone who collapses until the time really comes that someone needs their help.  Do you know how to save someone who has a heart attack?  For half the people who have one, it will be their last and fatal attack. Help them beat the odds -be ready to help. This short video provide some really great information that will help you know exactly what to do when the time comes to help someone. Just think – it could be you who needs help – if so, hopefully someone who knows what to do will be there for you. Pass this along to your friends so they also know how to help save someone with a heart attack.

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