The Way to Create a Christmas Candy Garland

Kids love to help make these candy garlands to decorate the house for Christmas. The garland can be draped over another place or a door, or a mantel, on the Christmas tree. The garland can be made by you and you can change the colour scheme based on what kinds of candy you decide to use.
You will need the following equipment:

Thread, such as nylon or cotton that is waxed; needle

100 pieces wrapped candies, per 3 to 4 feet of thread, like sourballs in cellophane
Have the candy and the thread has gathered, follow these steps:

Put the candy. You can read more about christmas decorations with card at christmas lights laser.

Thread the needle and make a knot that is massive .

Start sewing the candy inserting the needle stringing the candies.
Insert the needle through it where the ribbon might rip near the candy.

Put a knot. Use the thread on the ends to tie the garland or whatever you decide to attach it to.
Children can be shown how to use the needle. They enjoy working with candy as you let them have some, which is a reward for Santa’s helper.
It is possible to approach this project in a variety of ways. You may use if you like candies or ones that match your color scheme — blue and green, silver and red, etc.

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