Angelo Cici Tells How He Was Able to Reverse Heart Disease

Reverse Heart Disease – a Case Study

Angela Cici was a high risk heart patient, selected to participate in a human clinical trial of Proargi9 L-arginine Complexer Supplement.

Angela tells how he was able to reverse heart disease.

He was expecting to die, but instead he got his life back.  Listen as he describes in his own words how he was able to reverse heart disease return to good health and feel 40 again.

To reverse heart disease, one must feed the heart and circulatory system the food it requires to heal itself.  According to the scientists, that one molecule needed by the body to restore health to the circulatory system is Nitric Oxide.  The only mechanism known in the human body to produce Nitric Oxide on the inside lining of the blood vessels is with L-arginine, an amino acid normally found in the human diet.  As we age, we tend to produce less Nitric Oxide.  Therefore, if trying to reverse heart disease, it is beneficial to increase the intake of high quality L-arginine, in a complex with L-citrulline which enables the L-arginine to contiually produce Nitric Oxide for up to 36 hours per serving of 5 grams elemental grade L-arginine.

Reverse Heart Disease – the Case for L-arginine

For additional information of how Proargi9 works, and how it was used in this human clinical trial at the High Desert Heart Institute where Angela was a patient and clinical trial participant, visit this website and watch the videos that are listed there…

High Desert Heart Institute Human Clinical Trial…

More Information about how to Reverse Heart Disease:


reverse heart disease

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