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L-arginine and Athletic Performance

Athletes LOVE L-arginine Jessica Storch, Golden Gloves Champion, describes how Proargi9 L-arginine Complexer helps with her athletic training and performance. More Information about Proargi9 L-arginine Complexer: LEARN ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: Note: Information on this website is the opinion of the owner or those quoted, and is not approved by the FDA.  We […]


ProArgi9 Plus Testimonials

Proargi9 Plus Testimonials With customer experiences like these, is it any wonder Proargi9 Plus comes with a 120-day 100% Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee? More Information about Proargi9 Plus: LEARN ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: Note: Information on this website is the opinion of the owner or those quoted, and is not approved by the FDA.  […]


Angelo Cici Tells How He Was Able to Reverse Heart Disease

Reverse Heart Disease – a Case Study Angela Cici was a high risk heart patient, selected to participate in a human clinical trial of Proargi9 L-arginine Complexer Supplement. Angela tells how he was able to reverse heart disease. He was expecting to die, but instead he got his life back.  Listen as he describes in […]


Dr. Jim Sandberg talks about L-arginine Supplementation

L-arginine Supplementation – a Doctor’s Perspective Dr. Jim Sandberg discusses Synergy Proargi9 Plus L-arginine supplementation. Dr. Sandberg is discussing the benefits of Proargi9 Plus, L-arginine Supplementation. Proargi9 Plus is an L-arginine Complexer.  Proargi9 Plus comes with a full 120-day 100% Satisfaction Money-back Guarantee. Many people today are looking for L-arginine Supplementation because they have heard […]


Dr. Joseph Prendergast – Endocrinologist and Formulator of Proargi9 Plus L-arginine Complexer

Dr. Joseph Prendergast Following are my personal notes of a meeting where Dr. Joseph Prendergast spoke and told his personal life story leading up to the formulation of Proargi9 Plus. Interview of Dr. Joseph Prendergast, describing formulation of Proargi9 Plus L-aginine Supplement Dr. Joseph Prendergast, Endocrinologist I flew to Salt Lake City, Utah and saw […]


High Desert Heart Institute L-arginine Supplement Clinical Trial

L-arginine Supplement Human Clinical Trial The High Desert Heart Institute, founded by Dr. Siva Arunasalam, an affiliate of Cedars-Sinai of Los Angeles and is internationally respected for superior care of high-risk heart patients, conducted a comprehensive clinical study of Proargi9 Plus L-arginine Complexer – an L-arginine Supplement manufactured by Nature’s Sunshine for Synergy Worldwide. 33 […]

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